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Be A Foster

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photo of a lost catTo those of us who treat a pet as a member of the family, losing one can be a very heart wrenching experience. Persistence is the key to finding your lost pet.

Check with you neighbors, go door to door and hand out flyer containing a picture and description of your pet. Offer a reward.

Check your local shelter’s website, lost and found page: 

The Animal Foundation (City of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Clark County)

City of Henderson Animal Shelter

Boulder City Animal Control

Nevada SPCA

Check www.petharbor.com and click on the lost animal section. Make sure to check both Henderson and the Animal Foundation to see if your animal may have been taken to a local shelter.

Contact local shelters. Go to the shelter closest to where your companion animal was lost with a photo, description and medical records showing spay/neuter/vaccinations every day.

  The Animal Foundation 655 N. Mojave Road 384-3333
  City of Henderson Animal Shelter 300 E. Galleria 267-4970
  Boulder City Animal Control 810 Yucca Street 293-9283
  Nevada SPCA 4800 W. Dewey Drive 873-7722

Contact local rescue groups:

  Las Vegas Valley Humane Society 434-2009
  Heaven Can Wait 227-5555

Check the newspaper's lost and found section in the classified ads. Place an ad in the newspaper.

Check Craig's List Lost and Found for the animal.

If your pet has a microchip, contact the microchip company and inform them, also use the opportunity to confirm they have updated contact information for you.

Be persistent and enlist as much help as you can from your family and friends.

The above contact information and more specifics are available here in printable form (PDF format).

Fido Finder is the largest public database of lost and found dogs. Lost dog owners and lost dog finders can post classified ads, search listings, print posters, and even receive automated email notifications when matching dogs are added to the website.

photo of a lost dogBefore It Happens:

If your pet(s) are outside at all they need to have on a collar and tag. This is their best ticket home. A collar without a tag is useless in helping your pet find his way home.

Microchips are inexpensive in highly effective. They provide a means of identifying your pet that is nation-wide. Most vets and shelters have the ability to check for a microchip, and then call for the owner information. A dog or cat may lose a collar with tags, but not a microchip. Microchips are the size of a piece of rice, and are implanted under the skin by your vet.

For all your animals:

  • Keep current I.D. photos of each of your animals, front and side.
  • Write down detailed physical descriptions of your animals including eye color and distinguishing characteristics. Keep it on hand.
  • Keep tags on your animals at all times as required by law.
  • Write your address and phone number on their collars with an indelible ink marker.
  • Keep a copy of your micro-chip and / or your rabies and city license tag numbers.
  • If leaving your animal in the care of others, seriously consider your choice of caretaker. Provide them with the relevant information as described above. Consider professional kenneling.


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