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New Home Needed - Sarah was found by a manager arriving at a pet food store one hot summer morning.  She had been dumped there in a dirty broken carrier duct taped shut with the attached note: "Lost my job and my home and can no longer care for her.  Please find her a home."  She is approximately 4 years old, loves to be scratched under her chin and will lay right beside you.  

Kitten rescued from rampFound on Highway Overpass - While they were in their back yard, a woman’s young son called the mother’s attention to a kitten clinging to the sound wall of the I515 highway downtown last Thursday night. After fruitless calls to other organizations with no success, the woman got on the Internet and found LVVHS at 6 p.m. Our volunteers came out with a too short ladder which had to be replaced by a longer one before the kitten could be rescued. Although it’s leg had to be amputated because of serious injury, the kitten is recovering enough to be moved to a foster home.

Kittens show up in the craziest places! - On April 30, 2011, we received a call from Hans regarding a cat crying in the walls of his home.  He had called a number of agencies (including police, fire, animal control) with no success in getting any help for this cat which had been crying for several days.  He had gone into a crawl space where he thought the cat might be, but couldn’t get to the cat from the crawl space. 

Kitten rescued from wallSo we sent Jimmie Ramos to the rescue knowing that Jimmie would have to knock a hole in the wall.  After three holes, the “cat”—actually a 4 week old kitten was finally located in a very narrow space about 6 feet below the crawl space. Apparently a mother cat had given birth to the kitten and at some point the kitten had managed to fall 6 feet or more down the wall from the crawl space!  Here is this cutie pie who emerged from the wall rather dusty, but none the worse for wear, screaming for food at the top of its lungs!

P.S.  The mother was outside checking out Hans and Jimmie when they brought the kitten to Jimmie’s truck.  Hans is going to get help from the LVVHS to trap the mom so this doesn’t happen again!


Rescued from the Streets - In August 2010, Vinny was rescued from the streets with a severely injured leg that had been caught in an air conditioning unit. At only two months old, Vinny almost had to have his leg amputated. Instead, Dr. Henderson of Sunrise Veterinary Clinic performed surgery, expertly inserting a pin into Vinny's leg. For Vinny's leg to heal properly, he had to stay at Sunrise for six weeks before being released into foster care where he had to remain in a large puppy crate with supervised, limited play time only, while his leg healed.

Playful VinnyTwo weeks later, Dr. Henderson removed the pin, and one week after that, Vinny was given a health clearance. Vinny runs and plays like any other kitten and has put his traumatic ordeal behind him. In fact, within one hour of Vinny being at a LVVHS weekend adoption event, Vinny found his forever home with parents who love him and a cat sibling at home waiting to meet him!

Jello was nearly stomped to death by a toddler

Nearly Stomped to Death - In In July 2009, Jello was rushed to Sunrise Veterinary Clinic where Dr. Henderson provided emergency medical treatment to save Jello's life. At only two months old, Jello was near death. A woman left Jello alone with her toddler, and without supervision, the toddler stomped on Jello nearly to death. Jello immediately began convulsing; having seizures and the head trauma was so severe that Jello went into a coma. Jello playingShe spent the next six months living at Sunrise requiring constant monitoring and treatment for seizures. Jello recovered enough to be released into foster care where she experienced being a care free kitten for the first time! After suffering a near fatal brain injury, Jello never grew larger than 4.5 lbs and will always be considered special needs. She has since been adopted into a home with loving parents and a cat sister and brother. Jello is finally home where she will be safe forever. 

Kittens on roof

Kittens from roofKittens on Roof - A  woman called in and complained about kittens in her attic and on the roof. She wasn’t feeding them or the mother. One of our volunteers went over with traps, expecting to have to trap the kittens off of the roof. As it was, when she got there, the kittens were standing at the roof line crying and they were plucked off one by one. They were starving and they were absolutely filthy!!! Thanks, Tara Pike and her husband Nick. 

Alexander rescued from the streets

Abandoned Hungry and In Pain - In April 2009, the LVVHS received a call from someone who reported a cat had been crying outside her house for days, begging to be rescued from the streets, and he was now bloody and injured. Abandoned, hungry and Alexander's head woundin pain, Alexander nonetheless trusted the LVVHS volunteer who drove him straight to the vet's office. Alexander's ears were impacted with mites, and his face was badly ripped, the result of holding his own on the streets alone. Alexander was treated for his injuries and given a bath, turning his filthy gray matted fur into a beautiful white coat. In foster care, Alexander cared for and nurtured the foster kittens who lived with him. Although life had let him down, he was not going to let down the little lives entrusted into his care. When Alexander's physical and emotional wounds had healed, he went up for adoption and found a forever home with a wonderful mom and a cat brother. Alexander keeps in touch with his foster mom and reports he is happy and loved!

Mimi rescued in May 2009

Crooked or Not? - One week in May 2009, a call came in from a LVVHS dog volunteer. The caller described a sighting of a small black cat with a severed tail lying on rocks against a school wall. A volunteer, Carolyn, responded to the location but could not locate the cat after searching for a few hours. The rescue was called off after another witness said it was a feral black cat with a crooked tail that comes frequently.

Mimi after surgery.Two weeks passed another call came in reporting a cat with a severed tail in the Walmart garden section. About three parking lots away from the first sighting. Once again Carolyn responded to the call and found a small black cat with a severed tail. It was a sad sight to see and hear the painful cries of the kitty. The cat was rushed to the hospital where surgery was performed and the outcome was very successful.

Mimi has found the perfect family. Her owners Kathy and Danny already have three cats and a sweet little dog. They opened their home and their hearts to her and they fell in love! She is an amazing cat and is forever grateful to her new and forever owners/companions.


Leah as a kitten

Rescued Twice - The LVVHS rescued Leah twice! In July 2008, Leah was rescued from living underneath a trailer. At only 1lb, she was malnourished and fought for her life. Leah took her medicine without any trouble, became healthy and thrived in foster care. Leah was so excited to get adopted, taking with her a special blanket and her favorite toys.

A year later, when Leah's adoptive parents lost their house, Leah lost much more than her home; she lost her family. Leah as an adult catThe LVVHS always takes its animals back for any reason no matter how much time has passed, so Leah returned to the same foster home where she grew up. Despite going through so much in her short life, Leah maintained her happy, loving and playful disposition. Leah soon found a second chance at forever when she was adopted by loving parents who spoil her to this day!

Tigra rescued from a busy bridge.

Cat on a Bridge -

Location where Tigra was found.There are many LVVHS volunteers who spot animals in distress just by driving on the busy Las Vegas streets. One of our volunteers, Carolyn, was driving over a bridge and saw a small cat crouched down at the top. There was nowhere to stop and traffic was heavy in both directions. Carolyn parked at the bottom of the bridge and carried food and a cat carrier up the sidewalk. Not knowing if the cat was injured, she took slow small steps until the cat started meowing. This was a good sign. The danger of traffic was still a problem until the cat could safely be put into the carrier. The smell of wet food brought the cat closer and with a few more steps, Tigra was safe in the carrier.

Tigra is now in a wonderful foster home where she can eat to her heart’s content, play, and experience what it is to be truly loved

Easel was hit by a car and lost a leg.

Hit by Car - Tragically, Easel was hit by a car and his back left leg bone was shattered. The veterinarian was unable to save his leg. After his surgery, Easel was placed in a foster home. Terri and Cassi, were highly amused at his antics such as his love of potato chips that drove him to swat chips out of their hands as they were snacking, as well as the fact that he was handicapped like other members of their family. Within a week, they decided to adopt Easel, giving him a permanent home.

“Easel is very sweet and tender,” stated Terri when asked how Easel was doing in his new home. “He fits right in." Easel after leg surgery.Easel has now been living in his new home for 9 months. He is very happy to have found a stable environment that can provide the love and nurturing he has been wanting.

Every success story is motivation to keep going for the next cat or dog that needs assistance. It’s hard work that is 100% worth the reward of watching these animals find loving homes.


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