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Found lying on a lawn: Peter could only walk on three legs. The doctors said that Peter had a broken pelvis from what appeared to be a human kick to his small body. So Peter’s rehabilitation involved an expensive surgery. Supporters of LVVHS gave generously to fund the surgery and Peter is now resting comfortably with a foster guardian. He is learning to trust humans again and will be up for adoption in a few weeks.

Found Roaming the Streets - Hope is a beautiful all white one year old Siberian Husky found roaming the streets of Las Vegas with a badly broken leg. It was impossible to get close to this dog because she was so frightened of humans. LVVHS volunteers finally caught her in a trap. As it turns out, Hope had a wonderful temperment. So LVVHS put together a KEEP HOPE ALIVE! campaign to raise money for the expensive surgery that she needed. Hope has had her surgery and now has use of her leg.
She was so popular that on the first day of adoption, we took in five applications on her. She is now in a loving forever home with a great family. HOPE is the epitome of how LVVHS rehabilitates stray dogs so that they can heal and live happy healthy lives.

Camping Out - Major is a one year old German Shepherd male that had been camping out in a vacant lot for some time. He was so thin and scared of humans. But LVVHS volunteers managed to lure him into a humane trap. First he received good vet care from South Valley Animal Hospital.  His foster guardian fed him well and put some meat on his bones. But also Major did not have good social skills since no one had ever worked with him. LVVHS put him into professional training to complete his rehabilitation. Major turned into a stunning dog with great manners. When he was adopted, LVVHS had four contracts on him! Now he is in a fabulous forever home with people who understand German Shepherds and their specific breed needs. Major is now a model canine citizen.

KFC to the Rescue - Benjamin had been spotted roaming a neighborhood alone for weeks. People had tried to approach him, but he would not come near. When the neighbors called LVVHS hotline, one of our volunteers was out there with a trap and some Kentucky Fried Chicken. Benjamin could not resist the food, so we were able to get him into the trap.  After careful assessment at the vet clinic, it was determined that Benjamin was blind in his left eye. But his foster guardian said that never seemed to bother him. Benjamin’s self confidence grew with loving care and he found his forever home a few months after LVVHS took him in.

Just Wandering - A little chihuahua mix was wandering a neighborhood for a couple of weeks. All the neighbors had food and water out for him, but no one was able to catch him. A very happy rescued Biscuit enjoying the pool!The neighborhood kids called him Biscuit because of his cream coat. One day they noticed that every time a child would approach him, he would run up to the child, but the minute an adult came near, he would run away. So they outsmarted him and used a child to lure him over close enough for someone to grab him and get him into the safe hands of LVHS. Turns out Biscuit is a friendly guy who loves playing and even enjoys an occasional float ride in the pool. He is housetrained, gets along great with other dogs and cats and enjoys snuggling on his foster mom's lap. Biscuit is currently up for adoption. 
Little Dog Running Loose in the Neighborhood - We got a call about a little dog that was running loose in a neighborhood for a couple of weeks. The dog was very scared, and would not let anyone approach him. Boton after his rescue and vet visitThe neighbors noticed he was starting to look unhealthy, so they called LVVHS to come and catch this poor little guy. Our volunteers, Lori, Dave and Brooke were on the scene, and within half an hour they were able to trap him. They got him to a vet for a well needed bath and haircut. They decided to call him Boston. Turns out he was the most adorable bichon mix, with hazel green eyes. He quickly warmed up, and soon wanted to sit on anyone's lap that would let him. Boston's happy ending was the day he was adopted by a loving family to call his very own.

Community Mascot - This little shepherd had been spotted running loose in the Cimarron Townhome Complex since May.  Mascot for Cimarron Townhome ComplexThe residents of this community had been feeding her however, no one was able to get near her because she would run in fear. They started calling her Cimarron, and soon she became somewhat of a community mascot. As the temperatures turned cold, the people of the complex grew more concerned about her health, so they called numerous rescue groups, including Animal Control to come to her rescue. No one was able to catch her, that is until a LVVHS volunteer showed up on the scene equipped with a dog trap and KFC. After running stray for such a long time, she did prove to be unsocialized.  But the volunteers at LVVHS weren't going to give up on her so quickly. Dog trainer, Rick Davis, a volunteer for LVVHS and the LV Dog Resort which kept her safe, spent months on her rehabilitation, and she did make great progress. We decided to put her up on petfinder, and within 24 hours, she had found herself a forever home!

Rescue Gets Lots of TLC - Trip is a 3 year old bichon. When he entered LVVHS, he had a very bad odor coming from him. Trip was rescued and given lots of TLCIt was discovered that he had the worst skin infection our veterinarians had ever seen. It took months of antibiotics, medicated baths every other day from his foster home, and lots of TLC to get Trip ready to be put up for adoption. He had a thyroid condition that had been untreated, which had caused the infection. Now he will be on thyroid medication for the rest of his life, but that is a small price to pay for such a happy, little dog! He was adopted by a loving family willing to continue his medication, and provide him with a loving home for the rest of his life.

Dedicated Volunteer Rescues Dog - Roadie, a young terrier mix, was living by some abandonded condos for many weeks. It was in December when it was cold and rainy, and the people living near by called us to come to her rescue. What we thought would be a simple trapping, turned out to be quite the contrary. Dog rescued in January 2011She would not go near the trap, and would run every time anyone would come close to her. As the weeks went by, and the temperatures got colder, she was looking worse and worse! Chris, one of our dedicated volunteers, decided to put Roadie on the top of his rescue list. He spent almost every day going out to the location to check on her. Finally, one cold day in January, Roadie decided to go into the the gated pool area of the condo complex, and Chris was able to capture her and get her to safety. After a few weeks of working with her, she turned out to be a friendly, loving, playful dog, and was adopted her second day at adoptions!  

Emaciated, Lethargic and Filthy - Jessie, a basset hound, was discovered at a residence by a group of Jehovah witnesses. Jessie was rescued by the Las Vegas Valley Humane SocietyWhen they laid eyes on Jessie, they knew they had to call someone to come and take a look at him right away. He was emaciated, lethargic and filthy. They called the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society, and our volunteer showed up within minutes. Jessie was rushed to the veterinary office where upon arrival, the vets listed him as a 1 on a scale of 1 - 5, 5 being a healthy weight. With in a few days, Jessie started gaining weight, was cleaned up, and was acting healthy and happy! Everyone loves Jessie. He is such a sweet boy, who has nothing but love to give. Why would anyone mistreat such a loving dog? Currently, there are outstanding charges against the owners.

Stripe was abandoned

Rescued from Abandoned Trailer - We were called about an abandoned trailer containing two LVVHS cats. What we didn't realize is that there was also a dog living underneath the trailer.  He was a black lab mix with a distinguished white stripe down his front. Our volunteers spent 2 hours at the trailer trying to get the dog to come out from under the trailer. They realized that everytime they drove up, he would come out and bark, then run back under. So, they decided to outsmart him. They drove away and pulled back up, and one volunteer snuck around the back of the trailer and blocked his entrance to underneath the trailer as he came out to bark at the other volunteer. He then ran inside the trailer, and there was no way out, so they were able to seize him. 

Cindy from LV Speedway

A True Rags to Riches! - Some men called us about a dog who had been hanging out at a warehouse by the Las Vegas Speedway. They had been giving her water, since the tempertures were well into the triple digits. She was an overgrown shih tzu, very matted, dirty and emaciated. After we got her, she got a well needed haircut, got in a foster home, and blossomed into a great little dog. She was adopted to a loving famly within 10 days of her rescue.

Rescue on Sunrise Mtn

Rescue on Sunrise Mountain - We’re feeling very lucky and believe that 2010 will be a great year for us. You see, we had a good Samaritan named Jason Simpson who contacted the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society about us being left on Sunrise Mountain tied to a pole. Three weeks ago, Mr. Simpson contacted Animal Control, but we got away from the officer who came to pick us up. We were so scared that we ran and headed for the canyon. We found a nice hiding place that even had a mattress for us to sleep on at night. Mr. Simpson would watch us come to his place for food before we would run off again. We were so hungry and took the food, but were too afraid to let him touch us. He even searched until he found our mattress. When Mr. Simpson saw that Animal Control was unable to get us, we guess that he contacted the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society. The next thing we knew there were volunteers with two traps and some good food to entice us.

In the car on our way to boarding and warmth.Bab went right in the trap, but I was so afraid. I saw her get caught so I headed back up the mountain alone. I looked back. She was my best friend and she was gone. I decided to go back and see if maybe she came back. Those volunteers fooled me with a bunch of chicken and I was in the trap. Bab and I snored in the car that took us to boarding. We were finally warm. It was two days before New Year’s.

Othello a black lab mix

Tied up for the Holidays - Othello is a one year old black Lab mix. On Memorial Day, 2009 we received a call on the hotline about a dog tied to a vet office door for over seven hours. It was a holiday and people driving by would call several organizations but they were all closed. Volunteers Mike and Lori R. drove over and saw Othello tied with less than a foot of leash. They put a vet lead around his neck and cut the leash from the door. Look at this happy boy today. Thanks Mike and Lori.

rescue dog named Bingo

abandoned dog named CarsonForeclosed Pooches - Bingo and Carson were left abandoned in a backyard for over a month in the middle of June. These two boys needed help. The neighbor had been giving them food and water. It was getting hotter each day so we were contacted in hopes that we could take them. We are so overloaded with foreclosure dogs but felt we had to make room for two more. Here they are today.

Avianna a two year old Aussie mix

Deserted in the Desert - This is Avianna, a female two year old Aussie mix. Avianna was found in the middle of the desert one afternoon by people horseback riding. They immediately contacted one of our volunteers for help. Avianna had been hit by a car and left to die but with lots of donated vet care from Park Vet and loving fosters, Avianna is alive today and has found a forever home.

Fandango found wandering the streets

An Eye for Neglect - The LVVHS received a call on the hotline about a small dog in need of medical attention. This dog was just wandering the streets. Fandango was taken to the West Charleston Animal Hospital and had to have his eye removed due to neglect. Today Fandango is a happy healthy boy that was adopted by one of our volunteers.

Honor and Shilo stranded and a storm on the way.

Stranded in the Desert - This is Honor and Shilo. We had a call on the hotline about two small dogs stranded in a fenced area in the desert, with no way out and a storm on the way time was important. Shilo, Suri and HonorOur hotline lady Stacey W. took the call and could not find anyone to go at that time so she grabbed her keys, kids and off they went along with another teen volunteer Samantha T. They rescued all three dogs. 


Lisa abandoned at a trailer park

Abandoned - This is Lisa, a one year old Lhaso that was abandoned at a trailer Park. Lisa was so scared of people and had been neglected so with some chicken and hot dogs we set the trap and in she went. Thanks Sam!

Mr. Big was covered with stickers when rescued

A Sticky Situation - When Mr. Big was rescued, he was covered in stickers and extremely thin. With lots of love, he gained 30 pounds and is a gentle giant.


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