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Adult cat in cage at pet adoptionThe Las Vegas Valley Humane Society (LVVHS) has a number of animals that it considers “not available for adoption” for any number of reasons. Many of these animals were rescued, but when provided with veterinarian care and/or placed in a foster home, a determination was made that the animals had issues. Over time and over a number of animals, these costs grow and become a substantial portion of the LVVHS budget that limits the LVVHS in its ability to provide spay/neuters for other animals or medical care for additional injured animals. Many of our supporters have indicated a desire to assist the LVVHS in sponsoring animals either because they cannot have animals or they have reached the number of legal animals that they may have in their homes. Sponsoring an animal allows the LVVHS to recover some of the monthly medical and food costs for these animals so that it may help other animals.

At a cost of $22 a month, the sponsor receives a photo and the website shows the name of that person or “anonymous.” If interested, please contact lvvhs@cox.net.

Nisha and Seema Sadekar of Dragonridge became sponsors of Barney and Tommy (September 15, 2010).

BarneyBARNEY is a German Sheppard cross, the LVVHS rescued him in Jan 2007 as his prior owners were heavy drug users and used Barney as a guard dog, he was chained outside with little food, water or shade for all of his 12 years of life. He was badly under nourished, and he was given to a foster that would feed him well! When he first came to the foster’s home, he didn’t know to come inside and when he did build up the courage to cross the threshold he did it with so much fear that you knew that he was beaten every time he came into the house. It was just so sad!

The foster family had a dog flap on their door and tried to persuade him to come in and out, but he was so timid, he would just sit outside no matter the weather. The foster set up a dog house outside so he had a bit of shelter from the elements, and when the foster fed him each night, the food bowl was slowly brought closer and closer to the house. It was the foster’s Lab mix (another LVVHS dog) Xena who taught him to come in and out the flap; the cutest thing is that because his hearing is going when the foster calls for Barney he didn’t always appear, so the foster discovered that if Xena was told to get him, she would run out and woof at him until he appeared.

BarneyBarney has gotten stronger and fatter, some bad teeth (that stopped him eating) were removed and his ears were cleaned out until they sparkled! Over the years (the foster has had him 4 years now) he has become a member of the foster’s pack, he gets excited when it’s feeding time and hops about while the food is being prepared! He pootles around the garden and loves to tidy up toys that the other dogs have left lying about, this now includes the foster’s new baby daughters pacifiers, which are found  in a neat pile on the lawn! The silly old pup still loves to sit outside when it rains, but now he knows that when the weather gets too much he pops through the dog flap, lays in front of the AC vents and has a snooze on the rug! 

(Our thanks to the foster S. Brown for such a great story that we only made some slight changes to.)



TommyTOMMY was rescued from a mobile home park by a trapper along with a sibling in mid 2009 from pretty dire conditions.  Both kittens had terrible upper respiratory problems, but through their treatment and multiple visits to the veterinarian, became absolutely sweetie pies in temperament.  Eventually, over several months, both kittens got better and both were adopted to different homes.  Unfortunately, Tommy became stressed from the move to a new home and about ten days into his new home, came down with upper respiratory disease once again.  Since the LVVHS pays for any medical for the first two weeks of an adoption, Tommy was taken back to the veterinarian who had seen him multiple times.  At this point, however, the determination was made that Tommy had more than upper respiratory.  He also had a polyp growing in his throat.

TommyThe delicate nature of the surgery, and the possibility that substantial permanent damage might occur required the skills of Dr. Dennis Olsen, a board certified surgeon from CSN, who performed the surgery for a reduced cost.  It was, however, still a substantial cost for the LVVHS.  Tommy appears to be doing better than expected, but there is concern that the polyp might return, that he has suffered ear damage to the point that he is deaf in one ear, and his future remains a question mark.

The person who adopted the cat originally decided not to wait for Tommy.  He is in a foster home until a decision is made regarding his availability for adoption.





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