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2012 SPAY & NEUTER:  More than 604 cats, dogs and rabbits were spayed and neutered as fosters or for owners who could not afford to alter them.

2012 ADOPTION:  The LVVHS took in and adopted out 365 cats and dogs, many of them having medical needs.

2012 FERAL CAT:  Some 1073 feral cats were spayed and neutered through its TNRV program.

2012 RESCUE & REHABILITATION:  The LVVHS rescued almost 200 animals from the street or people who were feeding them and provided medical care for injuries ranging from abscesses to broken legs.

2011 SPAY & NEUTER: The LVVHS continues to offer low cost and no-cost spay/neuter clinics twice a month. Some 922 owned cats, dogs and even rabbits were done under this program in 2011.

2011 ADOPTION: LVVHS arranges and provides for the fostering of animals that have been rescued in individual homes until the animals are adopted. Medical and food costs are provided. Animals are spayed/neutered/vaccinated/microchipped. LVVHS takes back its animals if they are later abandoned. In 2011, 443 animals were re-homed.

2011 FERAL CAT: LVVHS provides TNVR programs for people with feral cats a trap/neuter/vaccinate/return to custodian program. While numbers for this program were down to 1100 in 2011, the LVVHS trapped more than 700 additional feral cats, but these were spayed/neutered at another clinic under a Clark County program.

2011 RESCUE & REHABILITATION: LVVHS’s rescue/rehabilitation program continues to be unique in the Southern Nevada area. LVVHS provides a hotline that is answered 7 days a week, 8 hours a day for animals in distress that are feral, stray or abandoned. The first priority is animals with injuries. The LVVHS provides medical treatment as well as rehabilitation when necessary. In 2011, more than 200 animals required medical treatment. The LVVHS is seeing more dogs with injuries than in years past.  


2008 Regional Animal Sheltering Statistics
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2008 Dogs and Cats Sheltering Statistics
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