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The Las Vegas Valley Humane Society (LVVHS) is an all–volunteer animal rescue and Advocacy organization composed of people from every walk of life. Our most common interest is helping save lives and making things better for abandoned, abused, neglected and lost companion animals in Clark County and beyond. We achieve these goals through many different volunteer efforts. Some are fairly time–consuming and some are occasional and project-specific. If you are an animal lover and want to learn more about making things better for our 4-legged friends, please contact us—we need you and promise your contributions will be appreciated as well as very rewarding!

We encourage and seek the participation of volunteers who support our goals: the prevention of cruelty to animals, the relief of suffering among animals, eliminating overpopulation of companion animals and the extension of humane education. If you support these goals and are interested in becoming a volunteer with our organization, please complete the online application here or print and mail application here.

Please Note:
The first step to becoming a volunteer is to fill out an online volunteer application. This applies for an individual or a group. 

Age requirements to be a volunteer

To work with the dogs:
- 12 to 15 years of age with a parent
- 16 and older a parent must sign a waiver for you

To work with the cats:
- 18 years or older
- Under 18 with a parent and no minimum age requirement

Bake Sales, Garage Sales and Tabling Events:
- 16 years of age and parent must sign a waiver

 What can I do as a volunteer? 

  1. Foster Home for animals during the week and delivery to adoption site Saturdays/Sundays. All necessary food, medical and supply expenses paid by LVVHS.
  2. Adoption Site Assistance - set up/break down/cleaning/dog walking, etc.
  3. Adoption Counselor - train to interview, qualify adopters’ and document adoptions on weekends.
  4. Adoption Follow Up Volunteer - call recent adopters to ensure smooth transition.
  5. Transport /Rescue Volunteer - requires reliable transportation to transport animals to and pick up from vets, help rescue animals, deliver food to fosters, etc.
  6. Feral Cat Rescue Program - trapping, transportation to veterinarians, and/or assisting with feeding routes for a few hours one or more days/week.
  7. Hotline Volunteer - field hundreds of crisis and info calls one or more days per week. 
  8. Newsletter Volunteer - writers, preparation, production, coordination.
  9. Fund Raising/Public Relations - experience or interest in sales, marketing/PR/various event production projects, on-site event assistance, committee chairs for projects.
  10. Bake/Craft Sales - provide goodies for our bake sales every other month.
  11. Administrative Volunteer - data entry, mailing campaigns, web site assistance, special projects.
  12. Advocacy Committee - research and promote educational and legislative issues.
  13. Media Committee - experience in writing, radio, TV, photography, etc. Help promote important issues, events, write articles for website, adoption sites, press releases, etc.

Company Volunteer Programs

You can make a significant donation to the LVVHS if the company you work for participates in a community program whereby they make a donation on your behalf for volunteer hours logged in with the LVVHS. Please check with your company’s Human Resources unit or appropriate department for this information. This is a simple and easy way to help the Society garner much needed funds for ever-mounting expenses. Companies currently contributing to the LVVHS in this fashion include the NVEnergy Co, Citigroup, and Starbucks Coffee among others.



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